Discover Reggio Emilia

If you are looking for useful info on Reggio Emilia, this article helps you to discover Reggio Emilia and its attraction. An essential guide to navigating Reggio Emilia for those staying at Liberty – Daisy Apartment or other accommodations in the city

Discover Reggio Emilia

Welcome to Reggio Emilia, where history, culture, and gastronomy blend into a unique experience. In this article, we’ll provide useful information to help you navigate the city, whether for vacation, study, or work.

Highway Connections – Reggio Emilia

The city is easily accessible from the A1 Highway via the Reggio Emilia exit. Recognizable for its magnificent bridges (Ponte Sud, Ponte Centrale, Ponte Nord) designed by the Archistar Calatrava, these not only represent the entrance to the city but also identify an architectural project that combines art and science.

Railway Connections – City of Reggio Emilia

Main Stations

The city has two main stations: Reggio Emilia AV and Reggio Emilia Centrale. The AV station welcomes high-speed trains connecting major cities from north to south, while the central station handles regional, interregional, intercity, and Frecciarossa trains.

Reggio Emilia Historic Center

Squares and Monuments

  • Greet the Tricolor in the dedicated hall and museum.
  • Explore Piazza Grande and Piazza San Prospero.
  • Visit the Cathedral, Baptistery, and Municipal Palace.

Shopping and Aperitifs

The historic center offers numerous shopping opportunities along Via Emilia San Pietro and Via Emilia Santo Stefano, as well as picturesque streets branching out into the neighborhoods.

Gastronomy in Reggio Emilia

Local Specialties

  • Parmigiano Reggiano: Available in local shops and farms.
  • Culinary specialties: Erbazzone, green cappelletti, pumpkin tortelli, and more.
  • Wines: Lambrusco Reggiano, Sangiovese, and Gutturnio.
Supermarkets in Reggio Emilia

For daily needs, the city offers various options including Conad, Coop, Sigma, Carrefour, Esselunga, and Iperfamila.

Parking in Reggio Emilia
Paid Parking
  • Ex-Caserma Zucchi: Near the historic center, managed by Reggiopark srl, 800 parking spaces.
  • Other parking lots include Piazzale Marconi, Piazzale San Girolamo, Cecati, Ex-Foro Boario, and others.
Entertainment in Reggio Emilia
Bars and Nightclubs

For aperitif lovers, the historic center offers numerous inns and bars. For livelier nightlife, you can head to Modena or Parma.

In this guide, we’ve gathered essential information to navigate Reggio Emilia. For specific details, please contact the staff directly at Liberty – Daisy Apartment.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Reggio Emilia!




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